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A list of all news items for the parent site of IAEA Connect
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The CONNECT platform was temporarily unavailable from Feb 7 to 9, totalling 2 day(s) 8 hour(s) 27 minute(s) 53 second(s) of downtime.
The CONNECT team apologizes for any inconvenience caused.
11/02/2015 15:3215/02/2015
Both the ENVIRONET and DISPONET have been added to CONNECT as new sub-sites. If you are interested, read more in the More Information sites listed below, or visit them inside the CONNECT members area.
22/05/2013 15:1531/08/2013
Our first workshop on how to produce short technical videos was held in Karlsruhe, Germany. See more on the workshop here:
There will be more workshops to come, so stay tuned. We are planning 3 more this year. The next will be in South Africa at the Necsa facility in Pretoria, and another in Bangkok, Thailand. A third will be held in Latin America (location TBD).
08/04/2013 11:3931/08/2013

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