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A list of all news items for the parent site of IAEA Connect
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We are happy to inform you that the NUCLEUS Portal will go live with the new look on the 10th March 2015.  The NUCLEUS portal will be unavailable for all users between 17:00 and 20:00. That includes the IAEA CONNECT platform. We should resume normally after that.
10/03/2015 16:4911/03/2015
The CONNECT platform was temporarily unavailable from Feb 7 to 9, totalling 2 day(s) 8 hour(s) 27 minute(s) 53 second(s) of downtime.
The CONNECT team apologizes for any inconvenience caused.
11/02/2015 15:3215/02/2015
Both the ENVIRONET and DISPONET have been added to CONNECT as new sub-sites. If you are interested, read more in the More Information sites listed below, or visit them inside the CONNECT members area.
22/05/2013 15:1531/08/2013
Our first workshop on how to produce short technical videos was held in Karlsruhe, Germany. See more on the workshop here:
There will be more workshops to come, so stay tuned. We are planning 3 more this year. The next will be in South Africa at the Necsa facility in Pretoria, and another in Bangkok, Thailand. A third will be held in Latin America (location TBD).
08/04/2013 11:3931/08/2013

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